Three-layer mat 

Dimensions: length 180 cm, width 70 cm, thickness 1.8 cm.

The mat is made up of three layers of high-tech polymer material
filled with microspheres and the silver-based nanocomposite.
This is a full bed.

The mat consists of three (!) Polymer layers of high-tech material filled with microspheres and the silver-based nanocomposite!
Mat has two sides use: one - smooth, the other - ribbed. The edge itself has a value equal to 15 cm, the distance between the edges in the form of "groove" depth of 1 cm and a width of 3 cm.
 All parameters are based on the specific dimensional ratios and shapes. This product incorporated a certain number of geometrical, mathematical, anatomical and prosthetic aspects.
Together, you and I have a unique product that is unparalleled!

This innovative product will help you to improve your condition when:
• osteochondrosis;
of shoulder periatrite;
• myositis;
• herniated cervical spine;
• herniated lumbar;
• scoliosis;
• vascular diseases;
• sleep disorders;
• for diseases of joints, muscles and major arteries and veins ...
Perfect for the prevention of strokes and heart attacks, and many other diseases.


Dimensions: Length 58 cm. Width of 8 cm. The product is intended to be worn like a headband, while covering the ears. May be used for headaches, ear infections (in addition to the prescribed therapy), during stress, to assist in the healing process of minor injuries such as minor cuts or burns. Caution: this product should be used between 15 minutes to no more than 1 hour per session. Use the product no later than 2 hours before bedtime.

Knee pads

(pair) 25x15 cm. Three models with the same design with various types of fasteners. Can be used to aid in joint diseases, injuries, varicose veins.

Shin pads

(pair) 54x55/33cm. Elastic material allows shin pads to fit comfortably around legs from the ankle to the knee. Can be used in thrombophlebitis, varicose veins, poorly healing wounds, fractures, skin diseases. Recommended to be used while resting. 



Available sizes: 36-37 ; 38-39 ; 40-41 ; 42-43 ; 44-45. Slippers are made of high polymer material which includes special microspheres and silver ions.Slippers are comfortable and practical. Have antibacterial effect, do not absorb moisture, do not retain odours, provide support, retain heat. Designed for everyday use.

Heart Pillow

Width 21 cm All the properties of regular " Asoniya " pillow that is perfect for gift giving.

Eye Mask

Dimensions 12 x 25 cm. Designed for maximum comfort when going to sleep. Helps to relieve tension from the eyes, aids in heating of the frontal sinuses, smoothes out wrinkles around the eyes. May be used when with inflammation of the facial nerve. Perfect for long trips and allows for maximum comfort during flights.

Seat cover

Size 40 x 40 cm - ideal for chairs,  50 x 50 cm - ideal for car seats. The polymeric material is placed in a non removable fabric cover .

Small size

Size 21 x 16 cm. Small size. Allows for easy transfer, and has all the properties of regular size pillow " Asoniya". Pad can be used to support wrists in while working at the computer. Great for nail salon use. It will help to relieve tension and pain in small areas of the body (eyes, ears, jaw etc).

Standard size

Size 38 x 44 cm . The filler products ( sodium borosilicate glass microspheres ) are placed in a double cover of high quality "breathable", water-repelling fabric. The filler is chemically neutral , has a high rate of mobility. Pillow can be used under the head during sleep and rest, under his feet , the lumbar region, on the abdomen and other parts of the body with a feeling of heaviness , discomfort , swelling, etc. Pillow is a product for domestic use, has no contraindications.

Anatomic pillow "Asoniya" is an Innovative certified product invented by Russian scientists. "Asoniya" - is an exclusive product that has no analogues in the world. Available to the public since 2006, this technology has been used for the rehabilitation of astronauts. Biotherapeutic cushion effect - its filler, a tiny silica microspheres coated with silver, have powerful natural properties. Hypoallergenic, has no contraindications. Medicinal properties of the pillow "Asoniya": better sleep, normalization of blood pressure, pain relief for muscles and joints, restore emotional balance, improve memory, hearing, sight, and many others.  

Анатомическая подушка «Асония» 

Anatomic pillow "Asoniya"


Dimension​s: 10x21,5 cm plus 7cm extra for fixation.

Wristband protects the wrist from injury. Can help to relieve tension in the joint, reduce fatigue, edema, to improve blood circulation. It is recommended to use for people with daily static load on the wrist: athletes (tennis players, volleyball players), writers, guitarists PC working with a computer mouse.

Wrist joint is one of the most vulnerable in our body. Especially if he suffers daily, routine physical exertion. Anatomical features of our body is that through the wrist are the median nerve and nine tendons muscles of the hand.
Himself carpal tunnel through which the nerves and tendons are very narrow. It can happen even squeezing, ie. A pinched nerve in daily continuous load. When using wristbands "Asoniya" but easy fixing joint soft warming occurs due to the return of the infrared radiation at the site of application, which in turn helps to relax muscles, relieve stress, improve blood circulation and lymph circulation, strengthen the immune cell functions