Анатомическая подушка «Асония» 

Anatomic pillow "Asoniya"


The pillow is an innovative and certified product for your health. A unique invention of Russian scientists that does not have analogies in the world. In 2006 sales commenced in many European cities; now it has arrived to Canada. 

For many years this technology has been used for rehabilitation of astronauts after their flights as well as treatment of people at burn centers. Biotherapeutic effect of the anatomic pillow is in its filling - miniscule powder, microspheres of silica covered with silver, which possess powerful natural features. The pillow creates an effect of biological resonance: cells start to accept more oxygen and nutrients. As a result the acute pain syndrome diminishes and complex rejuvenating effect occurs.

The pillow “Asoniya” provides unique results, which you will immediately feel:

- Improves the quality of sleep, treats insomnia 
- Activates immune system

- Normalizes the functioning of cardiovascular system 
- Relieves pain and aches in muscles and joints
- Restores emotional balance
- Improves memory and learning ability
- Improves hearing and vision Hypoallergenic, does not have contraindications and side effects. 

Anatomic pillow "Asoniya" new generation for healing the body ... RESEARCH OF RUSSIAN SCIENTISTS FOR HEALTH pilots and astronauts.


The filler products (sodium borosilicate glass microspheres) is placed in a double cover of high quality "breathable" fabric with water-repellent. The filler is chemically neutral, has a high rate of mobility.

Pillow "Asoniya" - a product designed not only to relieve pain and condition of the person having a disease of the musculoskeletal system, but also help people with insomnia.

Pillow "Asoniya" relieves pain and promotes the proper operation of the body and has a positive impact on health. Pillow is unique in that there is a filler treated feldspar, a mineral from which 60% is our mother earth, it is the energy of the earth.

Pillow to properly use ... if it hardens, it means you have a lot of health problems ... push it to the stomach, it just ... Remove your pain gradually harden it stops.

New research the impact airbags Ason show that every sleep on it: live 20 years longer, eat 10% less, move 2 times faster, think 10 times less, almost no sweating and freezing. Moreover, fast and painless smoothes gyrus of the brain and CNS control is transferred to the lower hemisphere.

Pillow "Asoniya" can improve our condition. Your head will hurt much less, due to the outflow of blood and relieving muscle spasm.

Pillow "Asoniya" can help in the fight against low or high pressure, which is also associated with abnormalities in the cervical region.

Pillow "Asoniya" as orthopedic pillow helps in the treatment of headache, high and low pressure, cervical osteochondrosis and scoliosis. Filler cushion "Asoniya" returns infrared rays by the body. Return heat regulates body temperature during sleep - and this is another plus to your healthy sleep. In addition, the infrared radiation - a general improvement, prompt treatment of colds and wound healing. Rays penetrate deep enough muscle mass - 4-5 centimeters. And about the cosmetic effect cushion "Asoniya." Improves complexion, wrinkles, fade spots on the skin. So "Asoniya" warms the skin and the muscle layer due to the reflection of infrared heat coming from our body. Triple Effect "Ason" - is the key to healing, rich dreams of sleep, relieve muscle spasm and improve venous outflow.

Anatomic Little pillow "Asoniya" new generation for healing the body 8,5" x 6,5" Size 21 x 16 cm.

Follow the same anatomical pillow "Asoniya". Has all the properties pillow "Asoniya." Pillow can be used to hand in the manicure room, while working at the computer (reduces fatigue and pain in the HANDS), etc. It will help to relieve tension and pain in small areas of the body (eyes, ears, teeth, etc.).

PILLOW VERY GOOD FOR SMALL CHILDREN ... SOOTHES CHILDREN AND THEY ARE VERY GOOD sleep on this .. The Russian company "Uslada" offers a unique anatomical pillow "Asoniya" and other exclusive items of domestic production. Company "Uslada" is the official distributor of the manufacturer's products TM "Asoniya", possess anatomical and other useful properties. "Asoniya" - laureate All-Russian competition of the "100 best goods of Russia". Company "Uslada"sells products made of natural fabrics (linen, cotton 100%) with the harmonizing patterns, energy-cards and stickers.